Postal Cards

Published on 20 December 2020 at 21:43

Delight, encourage and inspire yourself and others with these colorful Eco Postal Cards that were created by using a series of customised islamic geometric pattern designs.


To further build from the bookmark design a visual experiment is applied to a folded square postal card.  The shape that inspired the pattern is enlarged to fit the entire surface area, this silhouette is then filled in one color scheme while the background is filled with the alternate color scheme.


The alternate color schemes are pasted together to form the back of the card and then I shrunk it down and duplicated it several times to form a border on the front of the card and the inspired shape is also placed on each side in a lighter filter.


Inside the card there is room to leave a personal message on the right side and each card has a unique quote written on the left side.

These were written by Racha Mallat who writes under her artist name #RM.


Product specifications: 

- Printed and produced with 100% green energy.

- 300 g/m2 bio-degradable paper.

- Printed on both sides + room for personal message.

- Size: Medium Square (152 mm x 152 mm).

- Every card is accompanied with a fitting white envelope.


Click here if you want to return to basic design process of these customised geometric patterns.


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